Birthday Cupcakes

You can never go wrong with a classic bakery style vanilla cupcake with pink buttercream and rainbow sprinkles. They’re just so cheery and happy and full of celebration. I made a batch of these vanilla cupcakes and a batch of rich chocolate cupcakes for a friend’s birthday yesterday. Both are very easy to make and lots of fun to decorate. I topped the vanilla with a simple swirl and sprinkles, and the chocolate with a ganache glaze and some chocolate curls.

The cupcake liners I used are wide and shallow, with a large surface on top just asking for some creative decorations. I definitely want to give these flowers a go sometime soon, I’ve been meaning to try out the technique ever since I saw that picture on pinterest a few weeks ago.

I used this vanilla cupcake and buttercream recipe from Sweetapolita, but cut the icing sugar in the buttercream from 5 cups to 3.5 cups (and it was still very sweet! although much more tolerable). For someone who loves baking and desserts, I have surprisingly low sugar tolerance. My whole family tends to find most desserts too sweet so I usually cut some sugar in most recipes, as long as it doesn’t compromise anything else.

The dark chocolate cupcake recipe is also from Sweetapolita, but I just made a simple ganache instead of the raspberry buttercream. And last but not least, here is a great tutorial for making chocolate curls.

And now, I’m off to take a nap in the park. I hope you are all enjoying the warm summer weather wherever you are too!


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