Brush Embroidery

So I decided to try out some brush embroidery. I had bookmarked several beautiful cakes and cookies that all used the technique, and finally got around to trying it myself. It took me a while to figure it out and I’ll definitely need to keep practicing, but this technique is super fun, so I recommend giving it a shot if you’ve never done it before. A great tutorial from SweetAmbs can be found here. 

I’m quite impatient, so of course I started decorating the cookies when the base layer of icing wasn’t completely dry yet. Anyone could tell you that’s a dreadful idea, but of course I went ahead anyway. This created some problems, but seeing as this was my first practice round, I can deal with some smudged and holey icing.

These are just simple sugar cookies with a little lemon, covered with a layer of thinned royal icing, then decorated. (You can see all the spots where my damp brush poked a hole in the not-yet-dry coloured icing hehe)

I attempted to make these beautiful ombre cookies from SweetAmbs . . . I’ll try again next time haha

Leftover icing? No problem. I played around with some more colours (red is impossible to make without a ton of colouring!) and made some birds and such for a next batch of cookies. Of course, royal icing also keeps for a long time (I’ve heard up to a month) as long as it is well covered. I kept mine just on the counter in a sealed container for a couple days with no problem whatsoever.

I’ll definitely try this again sometime soon. I hadn’t made sugar cookies or royal icing in years prior to this. Maybe if I keep practicing and experimenting, I could actually send out some pretty christmas cookies this year.

[click here for part two]


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