Brush Embroidery – Take Two

Just a quick post to update on my second attempt at brush embroidery. Mixing the colours was lots of fun, and moving from the kitchen counter to the dining table was certainly appreciated by my back. I still can’t manage to get the cookies to taste all that great though, with all that icing. But, I guess that’s just what you get when you work with royal icing. These designs were my best attempt at replicating the beauties created by SweetAmbs (head over there to bask in her glory). I think I’ve gotten the brush embroidery technique down so it is time to come up with some of my own designs!

I also put the owls from the last post onto this batch of cookies. I think it worked out well! I’m personally a fan of the big fat one in the bottom corner ;)


4 thoughts on “Brush Embroidery – Take Two

    1. Thanks so much! It’s really quite simple with a little practice. I made a batch with a stronger lemon flavour, and a chocolate batch as well. Both definitely tasted better, but royal will always be a difficult one.


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