St.Jacob’s Farmer’s Market

We took a day trip out of the city today to St.Jacob’s farmer’s market. Of course, there are farmer’s markets in the city as well, but everything is always crazy expensive and often not all that fresh to begin with. You always have to be careful with these kinds of things: one stand could be selling berries from a farm around the corner, and two metres away you’ll find produce from California.

In any case, delicious food was certainly had, and here are some photos to share with you all. Hope everyone gets a chance to get out of the city, especially in this beautiful sun, whether it’s for a farmer’s market, a canoe trip, or even just a scenic drive.

All the jams and jellies you could imagine. Feast your eyes.
They may not be the prettiest looking cinnamon buns, but damn were they delicious.
Definitely can’t go wrong with these amazing apple fritters.

A short drive out of town and into the fields led us to the home of a lovely lady who makes beautiful quits. I picked up this tote with an adorable little house on it.
And to wrap it all up, some wonderful farm fresh eggs. Just $1.25 for the carton! Definitely looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast :)

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