Rosemary Roasted Peaches

peachesI came across this beautiful spread of Niagara peaches at the market this weekend, took home a few too many, and roasted em up with some rosemary sugar as inspired by this food52 post. I decided to forgo the salted caramel in the original recipe (I’m not a big can of caramels) and served them with a scoop of ice cream instead. Delicious. And so so simple.


I also picked up these colourful fingerling potatoes, and roasted them with some oregano picked from an organic farm I visited earlier this week. Also another incredibly simple dish made with great produce.

cookiesOn the unhealthier side of things, I made a batch of Momofuku Milk Bar’s cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookies. Absolutely amazing. Not quite as simple to make as it involves first making a batch of “cornflake crunch” but it’s super delicious and easily worth it. That cornflake crunch is killer and I’ll definitely be making it again. Just a note to reduce the butter though, or you’ll find yourself patting them down with paper towels once they’re out of the oven.


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